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List of Zip Codes in Roanoke, Virginia

Outlined below is a zip code list for Roanoke. Select a zip code you are interested in to find zip code data on demographics, family, housing, education, transportation, and real estate. See the Roanoke Zip Code Map.

Zip Code 24011 Population: 149
Zip Code 24012 Population: 29,604
Zip Code 24013 Population: 8,484
Zip Code 24014 Population: 16,586
Zip Code 24015 Population: 15,594
Zip Code 24016 Population: 8,549
Zip Code 24017 Population: 23,323
Zip Code 24018 Population: 37,339
Zip Code 24019 Population: 26,840
Zip Code 24020 Population: 389