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Zip Code 04410 Map And Demographics

Zip Code 04410 Demographics

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Zip Code 04410 Rankings

The table shows the top 5 positions of zip code 04410 on our zip code ranking charts. For example, a rank of 10 means that a zip code ranks #10 on the list of the top zip codes in America for a particular value. The lists were created for all zip codes in America with the population of 1000 residents or higher.

Rank Report Value
#3,017 Top Zip Codes With The Highest Percentage Of Females 53.20%
#5,124 Top Zip Codes With The Highest Occupied-to-vacant Homes Ratio 1:0.23
#5,548 Top Zip Codes With The Highest Number Of Families-to-population Percentage 28.15%
#6,636 Top Zip Codes With The Highest Percentage Of People Who Use Public Transportation 1.39%
#7,793 Top Zip Codes With The Highest Percentage Of Poor Families Having 50 Or More Families 24.85%

Zip Code 04410 Business Counts by Industry

Industry Type Count
Total of all sectors 15
Retail Trade 5
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 2
Construction 2
Manufacturing 2
Information 2
Finance and Insurance 1
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services 1

Zip Codes Near 04410

Zip Code City County Distance
04401 Bangor Penobscot 3.67 ml
04422 Charleston Penobscot 4.23 ml
04449 Hudson Penobscot 4.96 ml
04427 Corinth Penobscot 6.44 ml
04450 Kenduskeag Penobscot 9.63 ml
04473 Orono Penobscot 10.2 ml
04939 Garland Penobscot 10.28 ml
04435 Exeter Penobscot 10.77 ml
04468 Old Town Penobscot 11.29 ml
04463 Milo Piscataquis 12.79 ml