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Zip code 30725 overview
Population3,451Male / Female Ratio1 : 1.05
Land Area14.94 sq. milesPopulation Density230.95 / sq. mile
Median Gross Rent $507Median Home Value$79500
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Zip Code 30725 Business Counts by Industry

Industry Type Count
Total of all sectors51
Retail Trade11
Other Services (except Public Administration)6
Accommodation and Food Services4
Finance and Insurance4
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services3
Health Care and Social Assistance3
Wholesale Trade2
Transportation and Warehousing1

Flintstone vs. Zip Code 30725 Comparative Analysis

The largest racial group in zip code 30725 is white with 97.74%. Most residents occupy detached units with 75.2% of the total population of Flintstone.
The ratio of married couples to non-married couples in zip code 30725 is 1:0.13. This compares to the married to non-married couples ratio of 1:0.13 in Flintstone. The highest number of families in zip code 30725 earn $50,000 to $100,000. The highest number of families in Flintstone earn $50,000 to $100,000.
The highest number of households in zip code 30725 earn $30,000 or less. The highest number of households in Flintstone earn $30,000 or less. The largest household size in zip code 30725 is 2 people per household in comparison to that of 2 people in Flintstone. Most residents of zip code 30725 speak English as their first language with Spanish being the second most spoken language. The same language statistics apply to Flintstone.
Most residents of zip code 30725 (97.06 percent) use car, track or van to go to work. Most residents of Flintstone also use car, track or van to go to work with 97.06 percent.
18.47% of the residents of zip code 30725 attend school. The school attendance in Flintstone is 18.47%. Please note: this comparison does not take into account population of the area being analyzed. Areas with older population will generally have a smaller school attendance rate.
Real Estate
Owner to tenant house occupancy ratio in zip code 30725 is 1:0.27. The average owner to tenant house occupancy ratio in Flintstone is 1:0.27. The largest number of housing units in zip code 30725 (83.46 percent) are detached unit residences. Most housing units in Flintstone are detached unit residences with 83.46 percent.

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